Monday, May 28, 2012

Community Supported Agriculture

It seems like a long time ago that I learned about Juniper Moon Farm and the fact that it was community supported. That means people buy stock in the farm and then share the products. I love the concept, so I bought a share. Well, my yarn came! My share was for the Fall 2100 shearing. After the yarn is spun, we do get a choice of color for the yarn if we want it dyed-at an extra cost. Well, here is my yarn! Love it!

The fiber content is 60%Merino/0% Mohair, Worsted Weight, 220 yards each skein and I have 6 skeins. What to make?

An extra. My grandmother always had a row of peonies in her front yard and my mother had some of hers, also. When we sold my parents' home, a friend of mine took some of the peonies. I either didn't take any or else they died. About 3 years ago, I was thinking about those peonies and wishing I had a plant. Synchronistically, a friend who had received some of mother's plants, called and said she had sold her home and was moving, so did I want some peonies. Of course! Now, 3 years later, my only surviving plant bloomed. Happy Memorial Day, Mother and Grandmother! (In my youth, Memorial Day was called Decoration Day and was a day to honor all who had died.)

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Finished Projects

Two projects completed. One was started in October and took me this long to finish.

Rivel  Cardigan.
Yarn: Three Irish Girls McClellan DK (Wool and bamboo) Wonderful yarn!
Needles: US # 4 ad 5

The sweater sat around for a long time waiting to sew the pieces together. Sewing in the sleeves was a pain! But the finished project is great. The yarn is so soft and the drape perfect. Shaping on this sweater was very unusual. Waist shaping was done on the back only. Bust shaping was done on the front only. Back neck was shaped with short rows. The pattern was for sleeves just to the elbow, but I made them long-cast on 56 stitches. If I did it again I would probably cast on about 12 fewer stitches.

Cardioid Shawl from Knitters' Brewing Company. A portion of the cost is going for Susan G. Komen Foundation. It came as a kit with the pattern, yarn, and a stitch marker.

The yarn is a new yarn from the Brewing Company, Sock-aholic Serene Fingering Weight  which is 50% Alpaca, 30% fine Merino, and 20% Tencel.

When I blocked it, I put the flexible wires at the bottom of the shawl just before the points on the edge, pulled it out and pinned, then pinned the points.

 Love it!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shawl Number 6 for 2012

Shawl # 6 was also a test knit for Kimberly Gintar. It is one she knit and named for her sister, JudyB.

Yarn: Haneke Wool Fashion Exotics. Sport weight, 65% merino, 35% linen. This was actually from my stash. I had purchased it many years ago when Stitches was in Minneapolis.

Needle: US #6

The cable along the edge is reversible.

It is knit side to side with short rows to give it the circular shaping.

It is a fun shawl to wear, cozy in cool breezes and stays put on the shoulders without pins to hold in place.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Latest Project

I just started the Spectra Shawl by Stephen West. I love this pattern! It is so addictive-just have to keep knitting to see what it will look like. Remember the Space Cadet Mini Skein Club I belong to?

This is how they are arranged at the present time. It's kind of like decorating a Christmas tree-I keep rearranging them.

And this is the beginning. The black is yarn from a friend who started her own dying line called Propaganda Yarn. She calls it light black. I did modify the pattern to make it about an inch wider by adding 8 stitches to the colored section and doing the short rows at 25, 16 and 8 stitches.

Love it!

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Yarnover 2012

This is the 26th year the Minnesota Knitters' Guild has put on their big knitting event, Yarnover. It has grown from a small local event to a huge international event, from local teachers to famous designers and teachers, from a few local vendors to international vendors. As usual, it was great. It was so exciting I didn't even take any pictures while there. I think the highlight for me is seeing so many friends, some I haven't seen for some time.

For people who register for classes (The market is free and open to the public)they receive a gift bag. I must say, this years was a little disappointing. The tote bag is nice-long handles so it can be carried over the shoulder, pockets, and vented side panels. But, come on, Velcro closure? I've snagged yarn on it every time I put a skein in or out of the bag.

These were the gifts. I won't comment-much. The yarn is Jamieson's Shetland Double Knitting. Hasn't that been discontinued for many years?

I ended up taking only 1 class which was excellent. It was Tips and Tricks for making socks with elasticity and durability by Clara Parkes. I had registered to take a class on photographing yarn by Susan McMahon from Three Irish Girls, but she had to cancel as she was sick. That worked out fine for me because I was able to go to the jewelry party my grand daughter had.

I did make some purchases. Surprised? The first is this 50/50 baby camel/silk from All for Love of Yarn. I'm sure it will find it's way into a soft shawl some day.

This is from an independent spinner/dyer who I know. She calls her yarn, "Knitting My Way Home" and the color is called concord grape which doesn't show up well in the picture.

This one just jumped off the shelf into my hands. Once I felt it, it couldn't go back. It is 100% #1 Suri Ultimate from Little Gidding Farm in Lester Prairie, MN. Yummy.

A fun day!

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