Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Works In Progress-WIP's

What am I currently working on besides my long term sock blankie? I have knit and written a pattern for Propaganda Yarn Club, but can't reveal that yet. It is the only finished project so far this year.

I always have a charity project on needles-which I work on on Tuesdays. This is the current hat. The yarn and pattern were a give away at Yarn Over from Yarn Garage, specifically to be knit for charity.

This is the Rivel Cardigan which I started a while ago. It will be a class at Amazing Threads starting the end of January. The shaping and construction of this sweater are unique which makes it fun to knit and I love the Three Irish Girls merino and bamboo yarn.

The sleeves are supposed to be knit flat, but I'm doing them in the round up to the armholes. They are also supposed to be elbow length, but I'm making full sleeves. I'm going slow because they are so boring and I'd much rather be knitting...

a shawl. This is Sharktooth by Stephen West from his shawl club.

This is Blathnat, a mystery sock from Sock Knitters' Anonymous. It feels good to be knitting socks again.

This project is barely started, but is Beaded Stress Ball from Heartstrings. Just stringing the beads is a project.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sock Blankie

Several years ago I started a blanket made out of left over sock yarn-long before the current trend. At the time, I knew it would be a long term project. Well, I haven't made much progress.

This is from February 2008.

December 2010

This was taken January 1, 2012.

It has grown, but not very fast, so I've set a goal to knit 3 squares a week. So far, I'm on track.


Friday, January 06, 2012

11 Shawls in 2011

The last 2 shawls were blocked on New Years Eve which brings my total number knit for the year to 20!  Yes, I know I'm obsessed!

Pattern: Hitchhiker
Yarn: Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock in Lovestruck colorway specifically dyed for Amazing Threads.
Needle: US #4

Pattern: Not yet released. This was a test knit.
Yarn: Three Irish Girls Cashmerino, colorway Bellini
Needle: US # 8
To Review:
Alcyone by Romi

Asterope by Romi

Brandywine by Romi

Buttonwillow by Romi

In the Land of Oz

Herbivore by Stephen West

Two Juneberry Triangles by Jared Flood

Kleio by Romi

Lazy Katy

Lisianthus by Romi

Live Oak by Romi

Miami Beach

 Language of Roses

Sakaki by Romi

Spanish Moss by Romi

Taygete by Romi

Weekend Shawl

You can see several were designed by Romi. I belong to her Pin and Shawl Club and I test knit some of her shawls.

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Several months I made the Tea Leaves Cardigan and when I hung it up to photograph noticed that the front bands were too long. It has been hanging in Amazing Threads since then and has bothered me everytime I had to walk by it. (I must admit, I would avoid going down that aisle so I wouldn't have to look at it.)

Well, the other day I took it home and reknit the front bands. It looks so much better!

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Sunday, January 01, 2012

More Yarn/Clubs

Hopefully this will catch me up on posting my yarn clubs and recent purchases.

Cookie A Sock and Cookie Club for December 2011. Bugga yarn! And love another project bag.

This is a new club I just discovered. It is the Mini Skein Club by SpaceCadet. www.spacecadetcreations.com. The mini skeins can be used for the sock yarn blankets that are so popular on Ravelry, or I'm considering using them for Stephen West's Spectra shawl. I want to wait until I get some more to make that decision. I probably have more than enough yarn for my sock blankie.

This is the Socks are for Suckers shipment for January, 2012-the last one for last year's club. The extra in the green package is called "Stitch Switch". It is to enable you to try on your sweater without having to use waste yarn and transfer the stitches one by one.  It is clear tubing which you squash the end securely on your needle tip, then slide the stitches onto the tubing. www.twistedpdx.com

This is the Sock are for Suckers Club for November 2011. The club originate in the Pacific Northwest so uses yarns and patterns from people in that area of the US. Fun!

I don't belong to Wool Girl's club any more, but will order special kits. This was the Christmas kit which I thought would be fun.

Almost forgot Romi's Pin and Shawl Fall selection. Love the pattern and yarn. The yarn is actually more of a burgundy color. The copper pin is beautiful, but I have a silver one very similar.

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Three Irish Girls Yarn

I get so confused with the Yarnista Yarn Club, because last week I chose my colorway for January and the yarn for December arrived. And the pattern does not come with the yarn, but is a download that comes a week or so later. I don't remember (oh, I'm saying that so often lately) how long I'm signed up for this club. But I do like this club because 1) I love the yarn and colorways. 2) I get my choice of colorway from 2-3 choices. The clubs I've signed up for 2012 I wrote down the specifics so I shouldn't get so confused!

These do not go together. See, I told you I get confused-a New Years Resolution is to get these pictures taken and marked right away. The yarn is a special colorway dyed for the King of Norway's visit to Duluth. It is called Skyline Parkway.  The yarn is McClellan Fingering, 65% merino, 25% bamboo, 10% nylon.

This is the December Yarnista club yarn and extra. The pattern has not arrived yet, but I couldn't wait to take the picture with the pattern as the candy will be gone by that time. (Tomorrow the diet begins-as usual each year.) The yarn is Finley, sport weight I think and colorway is Bonny and Blithe. 100% merino. (Oh, the candy is delicious! It is called, "The Earl" from www.HaveItSweet.com) The extras in the shipments are always so fun.

This was a Christmas gift from a friend. It is special in several ways. I very seldom get yarn related gifts. This was a Christmas gift, but also a thank you gift from a friend who had a stroke several years ago at a very young age. Hoping to help with her therapy I gave her some yarn and big needles to get her back to knitting. As is common, she is now an avid knitter. The yarn is a special colorway dyed for Yarn Harbor yarn shop in Duluth. The yarn is Adorn Sock.

Okay, I found the correct yarn to go with the pattern. The picture was on my camera, but I hadn't downloaded it. This is the correct kit for November 2011. The extra is a highlighter pen.

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