Friday, May 25, 2012

Finished Projects

Two projects completed. One was started in October and took me this long to finish.

Rivel  Cardigan.
Yarn: Three Irish Girls McClellan DK (Wool and bamboo) Wonderful yarn!
Needles: US # 4 ad 5

The sweater sat around for a long time waiting to sew the pieces together. Sewing in the sleeves was a pain! But the finished project is great. The yarn is so soft and the drape perfect. Shaping on this sweater was very unusual. Waist shaping was done on the back only. Bust shaping was done on the front only. Back neck was shaped with short rows. The pattern was for sleeves just to the elbow, but I made them long-cast on 56 stitches. If I did it again I would probably cast on about 12 fewer stitches.

Cardioid Shawl from Knitters' Brewing Company. A portion of the cost is going for Susan G. Komen Foundation. It came as a kit with the pattern, yarn, and a stitch marker.

The yarn is a new yarn from the Brewing Company, Sock-aholic Serene Fingering Weight  which is 50% Alpaca, 30% fine Merino, and 20% Tencel.

When I blocked it, I put the flexible wires at the bottom of the shawl just before the points on the edge, pulled it out and pinned, then pinned the points.

 Love it!

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