Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Sky September 20, 2008, Paula's Retirement

Clear, blue sky with warm temperatures. Sky overlooks:
Where several people celebrated Paula's Retirement. Congratulation, Paula.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Raglan Baby Sweater with StretchHood

This is my own pattern which I just rewrote from using worsted weight to fingering weight.
Needles: Size 3
Yarn: Claudia 100% Merino.
(Don't you just love my doll? Whenever I need a "baby fix" I cuddle her for a while. She is weighted to feel like a real baby. I saw several in a gift shop several years ago and picked one up and just held and rocked it. As I was leaving that room, my husband pointed out a sign, "Do not pick up the dolls" right under the security camera. They must have had a good laugh at the old lady playing with their dolls.)

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Saturday Sky September 13, 2008

A cold, rainy, cloudy day with temps in the 60's. We need the rain, so it isn't all bad.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wrap Me Up

A modular sampler wrap which was fun to knit in a self-striping yarn. A good way to learn some new stitches and embellishments but not so large a piece of each to get tired of it.

Pattern: Wrap Me Up by KnittingAtKnoon.

Yarn: Wisdom Yarns Poems. A softer, more evenly spun, knotless yarn with the wonderful colors of Noro. The contrast yarn was Ella Rae Classic.

Needles: Size 8


Sun Visor Cap

This was a quick knit, but even after several applications of spray starch, the brim was very floppy. After inserting floral wire in the i-cord edging of the brim, it was better.
Pattern: Knitting at KNoon Designs-Sun Visor Cap. Free download from . I did do several things differently from the pattern-wouldn't say there were mistakes, but better ways to do thing.
Yarn: Trend Collection Linie 12, Clip. 100% cotton.
Needles: Size 4.


Saturday Sky September 6, 2008

A beautiful, but cool day with hight only in the 60's.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Anniversay Mystery Shawl

Clue 4 is finally done! Now, "all" I have to do is the border. But I have several projects I have to do for the shop and another mystery shawl unfinished, plus I've signed up for a Mystery Stole! Why do I do this to myself?

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