Sunday, May 12, 2013

Yarnover 2013

I was very negligent about taking any pictures at Yarnover this year. The class I took was excellent. It was a half day class on knitting with vintage patterns taught by Franklin Habit. Usually I sit through about an hour of a class, then leave, but this one kept me there even when the class went overtime. The subject was interesting and he is such a good teacher with lots of illustrations. Sorry, I even ripped out the mystery project we knit from an old pattern before I took any pictures.
I didn't come home empty handed, but I think I was pretty good about buying. Just 2 skeins of yarn!
Part of the reason I didn't buy much yarn is because I splurged with the Grinning Gargoyle Mink yarn. Yes, it is as soft as a mink coat. The other skein is from All For the Love of Yarn and the color is named after a friend of mine-just had to have it!
The kit for this necklace caught my attention, so it came home with me and I finished it in just a few hours-crochet.

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