Friday, April 25, 2008

H is for Help, Wallaby Cardigan

Help! The pockets hit just on my boobs and I don't need that part of my anatomy emphasized! (This is one reason Carol Anderson of Cottage Creations has people test knit her patterns.) So, I snipped one thread and picked out one row of knitting just above the pocket. Resulting in two pieces of the sweater.

I used the live stitches on the top of the sweater-it was knit from top to bottom-and added 4 inches-from the pin.
Then I kitchner stitched the two pieces together. This is the first time I have grafted garter stitch which has looked like it should, thanks to the tutorial on She has pictures which show exactly how the stitches should be aligned.

Much better! You can see where the pin sits on my body; that's where the pocket originally was.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saturday Sky April 2008

I don't even know if this was Saturday, but the sky was blue, cloudless both Saturdays and the whole time I was gone. I'll ignore the gloomy, cloudy Saturday yesterday at home.

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G is for Gone

Gone to Northern Mexico and the Copper Canyon. Had a wonderful trip!

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Argyle Socks

A request has been made at Amazing Threads for an argyle sock class, so I am going to be teaching one.Pattern is from and is a tutorial by Edie Eckman. The single stitch diagonal lines can be duplicate stitched after the sock is knit which is recommended for the first socks. Since in my day every college girl made argyle socks for her boyfriend, I have done them before so am knitting them in.
Yarn: Comfort Sport
Needles: Size 4

There is controversy about using bobbins verses yarn butterflies, so I am doing some of each. I really do not have any strong feeling on the advantage of one or the other.

I will be in Mexico for a couple weeks, so will not be posting.