Friday, April 19, 2013

In the Pink

It's been a long winter in Minnesota and spring just won't make an appearance. This was taken yesterday and it's snowed ever since. On April 19! Even knitting shops and knitting groups are cancelled. Again Blogger turned my picture.)

Does the fact that all my current knitting projects are pink reflect the need for better weather?
Berlin Reflections-a test knit for Kimberly Gintar. The pattern is the Berlin skyline in a mobius.
Romi's Mystery Shawl which all the clues are out, but I have 2 left to do.

This is also a mystery shawl which is now completed and named "Italian Garden" by Tiziana Sammuri, a designer of beautiful shawls who I have just discovered.

April is almost over and I have not completed any shawls yet this this!

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