Monday, May 28, 2012

Community Supported Agriculture

It seems like a long time ago that I learned about Juniper Moon Farm and the fact that it was community supported. That means people buy stock in the farm and then share the products. I love the concept, so I bought a share. Well, my yarn came! My share was for the Fall 2100 shearing. After the yarn is spun, we do get a choice of color for the yarn if we want it dyed-at an extra cost. Well, here is my yarn! Love it!

The fiber content is 60%Merino/0% Mohair, Worsted Weight, 220 yards each skein and I have 6 skeins. What to make?

An extra. My grandmother always had a row of peonies in her front yard and my mother had some of hers, also. When we sold my parents' home, a friend of mine took some of the peonies. I either didn't take any or else they died. About 3 years ago, I was thinking about those peonies and wishing I had a plant. Synchronistically, a friend who had received some of mother's plants, called and said she had sold her home and was moving, so did I want some peonies. Of course! Now, 3 years later, my only surviving plant bloomed. Happy Memorial Day, Mother and Grandmother! (In my youth, Memorial Day was called Decoration Day and was a day to honor all who had died.)

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