Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Culver's KnitWits

In January, 2003, I helped organize a group of knitters and crocheters who meet at a local Culver's restaurant every week. The group has grown from 4 people at the first meeting to a weekly attendance of 40-50 women. The purpose is to get together to socialize, get help with projects and knit for charity. To date, we have donated over 11,500 items to local charities and some wonderful friendships have been made. To show our appreciation to Culver's owner, one of our members crocheted a banner to hang in the store. (The owner had requested this and offered to pay for it, but we gave it to him instead.) Not only does he give us a place to meet, but he gives us free beverages each week and custard once a month! Thanks, Jim!

Me, Pat Pope (who made the hanging) and Jim (owner of Culver's)

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jan Dunlap

Another picture of the flower, Desert Rose.

Another local author I got to meet! This is Jan Dunlap at the launching of her second book, Murder on Warbler Weekend, a good, light read.

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Finished Knitting

With a Twist Socks
Pattern: With a Twist from Knitters Brewing Company
Yarn: A Touch of Vermont from Yarn4Socks
Needles: Size 1 1/2 Double points
I changed the heel to use Gerdene Strong's heel.
Pattern: Shibui Onesie (This is the second one I've made. I love this pattern. This one is for Amazing Threads.)
Yarn: Shibui Sock Yarn
Needles: Size 3

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Monday, September 07, 2009

The Way Knit Was

The Way Knit Was
"Many old legends say that if a master knitter places her needles in a baby's hands, the baby will grow up with the same exceptional ability. This task is reserved for only the most accomplished of knitters so that only the best mojo is passed on. In villages where many people earned their living by knitting, the women who excelled were often bribed heartily to perform the task." Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Never Not Knitting Page a Day Calendar.
Today, I placed the needles in my great grand daughter's hands-I feel I'm an accomplished knitter.


Friday, September 04, 2009

Red Shirt Friday

Today and every Friday is Red Shirt Friday, a day to show support for our troops. This is not a political affiliation, just citizens concerned about our military and want some means to show that support. So, wear red on Fridays.

The flower is Desert Rose, a mother's day gift from my daughter. The plant is an ugly succulent, but look how pretty the blossoms are. This is the first time mine has bloomed, so I'm anxious for all the other buds to open.


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

William Kent Kruger

The second passion in my life is reading and lately I've become enthused with local authors. Tonight was the launch party for William Kent Kruger's new book, Heaven's Keep. All of his books have been excellent, so am anxious to read this one. The party was held at the neatest book store, Once Upon A Crime, in Minneapolis. Last week, a book by the same name and dedicated to the store was launched, but I couldn't make the party. The book is short stories by many local authors and other well known authors. I have about 20 pages left of that one and am enjoying it.

Because it was a party, there was cake.