Sunday, January 01, 2012

More Yarn/Clubs

Hopefully this will catch me up on posting my yarn clubs and recent purchases.

Cookie A Sock and Cookie Club for December 2011. Bugga yarn! And love another project bag.

This is a new club I just discovered. It is the Mini Skein Club by SpaceCadet. The mini skeins can be used for the sock yarn blankets that are so popular on Ravelry, or I'm considering using them for Stephen West's Spectra shawl. I want to wait until I get some more to make that decision. I probably have more than enough yarn for my sock blankie.

This is the Socks are for Suckers shipment for January, 2012-the last one for last year's club. The extra in the green package is called "Stitch Switch". It is to enable you to try on your sweater without having to use waste yarn and transfer the stitches one by one.  It is clear tubing which you squash the end securely on your needle tip, then slide the stitches onto the tubing.

This is the Sock are for Suckers Club for November 2011. The club originate in the Pacific Northwest so uses yarns and patterns from people in that area of the US. Fun!

I don't belong to Wool Girl's club any more, but will order special kits. This was the Christmas kit which I thought would be fun.

Almost forgot Romi's Pin and Shawl Fall selection. Love the pattern and yarn. The yarn is actually more of a burgundy color. The copper pin is beautiful, but I have a silver one very similar.

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