Sunday, January 01, 2012

Three Irish Girls Yarn

I get so confused with the Yarnista Yarn Club, because last week I chose my colorway for January and the yarn for December arrived. And the pattern does not come with the yarn, but is a download that comes a week or so later. I don't remember (oh, I'm saying that so often lately) how long I'm signed up for this club. But I do like this club because 1) I love the yarn and colorways. 2) I get my choice of colorway from 2-3 choices. The clubs I've signed up for 2012 I wrote down the specifics so I shouldn't get so confused!

These do not go together. See, I told you I get confused-a New Years Resolution is to get these pictures taken and marked right away. The yarn is a special colorway dyed for the King of Norway's visit to Duluth. It is called Skyline Parkway.  The yarn is McClellan Fingering, 65% merino, 25% bamboo, 10% nylon.

This is the December Yarnista club yarn and extra. The pattern has not arrived yet, but I couldn't wait to take the picture with the pattern as the candy will be gone by that time. (Tomorrow the diet begins-as usual each year.) The yarn is Finley, sport weight I think and colorway is Bonny and Blithe. 100% merino. (Oh, the candy is delicious! It is called, "The Earl" from The extras in the shipments are always so fun.

This was a Christmas gift from a friend. It is special in several ways. I very seldom get yarn related gifts. This was a Christmas gift, but also a thank you gift from a friend who had a stroke several years ago at a very young age. Hoping to help with her therapy I gave her some yarn and big needles to get her back to knitting. As is common, she is now an avid knitter. The yarn is a special colorway dyed for Yarn Harbor yarn shop in Duluth. The yarn is Adorn Sock.

Okay, I found the correct yarn to go with the pattern. The picture was on my camera, but I hadn't downloaded it. This is the correct kit for November 2011. The extra is a highlighter pen.

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