Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can

I'm knitting a lot, but am not seeming to make much progress! The Wallaby for my grandaughter to the armhole, one sleeve is done and the second has about 2 inches to go before joining the 3 pieces. The lace shawl is really progressing slowly as I now have over 900 stitches on the needle. Only about 5 or 6 rows left though! I finished a pair of mittens yesterday, have another one started and almost to the thumb and have a felted mitten started but the cuff isn't even done. My Arctic Lace Knit A Long scarf is to about the middle of the first big star motif. Haven't touched the Norwegian sweater and am waiting for the pattern update on the Taos Pinwheel Sweater (haven't checked the website for a couple weeks, so it may be done.)
Would you believe this is from my daughter's backyard in the middle of a city? If you look from her kitchen at an area about as wide as this picture this is what it looks like-the rest is houses.

Today was a fun (and fattening) adventure! A friend told my husband about Legacy Chocolates in St Paul, so we had to try it out. Wonderful! It is all truffles with varying percentages of cocoa up to 99% with many different flavored fillings, all individually packaged in little cups. Next we went to a bakery/deli around the corner and had lunch in this little neighborhood cafe. I had a wonderful chicken, wild rice, cranberry salad which was very good. Bought several loaves of bread home but haven't tasted them yet as they were put in the freezer. My husband had a buffalo burger which he said was good and the bun looked homemade and delicious. Next, a few doors down from the chocolate store was Izzy's Ice Cream. I saw them on a challenge with Bobby Flay on Food Channel and they are rated as the top ice cream made on the premises in St Paul. A fun feature is when you buy a cone or a dish you get an extra Izzy scoup-a small scoop of another flavor of ice cream perched on top. Very good! I had Norwegian chai with a chocolate almond Izzy scoop. Now, I'm ready for a nap!



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What a terrific day!


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