Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Yarn I Bought on Vacation

Usually I don't go into yarn shops when I go on vacation because I've found they don't have anything I can't get at home. Before I left home, I was looking for qiviut yarn and discovered Prince Edward Island had a musk ox farm and a mill outside of Charlottetown, so thought maybe I'd find some. No luck with the qiviut-we arrived in Charlottetown on Sunday and Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving so few stores were open and anyway I couldn't persuade the bus driver to drive us out of town to the mill. Shops in other towns didn't even know what qiviut was. But I found some treasures! (Sorry the pictures are turned sideways. Blogger was giving me so much trouble downloading pictures today, I just left them the way they downloaded them.) In the town of Baddeck, just a couple blocks from our hotel, was Baddeck Yarns and I found this hand dyed Fleece Artist merino wool sock yarn made in Nova Scotia. The pink is Baddeck Pink, specially dyed for the city of Baddeck, and the multicolor-the picture doesn't show the true beauty of the yarn-is called Celtic Colours for the Scottish heritage.

This is a local pattern named for the lake the city of Baddeck is on, Bras D'or Socks.
In the city of St. Andrews, New Brunswick we found Cottage Craft and bought enough of this yarn to make a sweater named for the area. The price was right-a kit with yarn and pattern cost only $34.95 USD or 3 for $99. The yarn is nice Canadian wool. The website for this shop is www.cottagecraftwoollens.com.



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