Wednesday, September 06, 2006

How I learned to knit

My students often ask me how I learned to knit and I honestly don't remember learning, so I tell everyone I was born knowing how! I do remember using the old "Learn How" books to do mittens and socks, but that is all. These sheets and pillowcases explain to me that I am my Great Grandmother re-incarnated. When I found them in my cedar chest, I knew my mother had told me who had made them, but at the time I didn't care that much. Years later-after she had died-I found them and realized it was knit lace and that is my favorite kind of knitting. I had to do some inquiring of my relatives to find out which of my ancesters knit lace and found out it was my great grandmother who had died 7 years before I was born. She had knit lace for a set of sheets for each one of her children-she had 12 not counting 2 who died shortly after birth-but she had died before finishing the last set. One of the unmarried women in the small town finished that set.

I have even knit that lace pattern on a shawl I've made, so I must be Grandma re-incarnated and was born knowing how to knit!

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