Monday, August 28, 2006

New Yarns

A couple days ago I was checking out the new yarns that are coming into the yarn shop. Some wonderful ones have already come in and I heard there are more coming. I'll never remember all of them-it's worth an excursion to your LYS to see what has arrived. Noro has several new yarns, all with the nice color gradations we know. The one pictured is Noro Yoroi which is a super bulky weight. The new yarn I have my eye on is a new Cascade yarn made out of merino and angora-just as soft as it sounds.
This start of a sweater is from "Knitting Pure & Simple Weekend Neck Down Jacket" pattern. It is knit on size 17 needles and should get a gauge of 8 sts/4 inches. I usually knit to gauge, but this one is a little smaller. When I teach this class, when the jacket is knit down to the point of dividing for the sleeves, I have them put it on 3 pieces of waste yarn-body, each sleeve-and actually try it on. I've discovered often the yoke is a little too short, so at this point we can add rows with more increases if extra width is needed and/or extra plain rows if extra length is needed. If no extra increases and/or rows are needed the sleeves are already on holders and the body is put back on the needles, stitches are cast on under the arms and the body is finished. Then the sleeves are taken off the holders and knit. Stitches are picked up down the front for a band for either a zipper or buttons. Stitches are picked up across the neck for the collar. This is an easy pattern and is a good one for beginner knitters who want to make their first sweater.



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