Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Joslyn's Fiber Farm Shawl Kit

I love the day the package comes from Joslyn's Fiber Farm Shawl club! Every 3 months the surprise arrives in my mail box. I usually don't look at the website to see what it is going to be because I like the element of surprise, but this month we had a choice of colors. A yarn is chosen by Joslyn along with a pattern. Needless to say, I don't keep up with them-wish I could just do lace knitting, but I do like other types of knitting, too. Also, I don't always use the suggested pattern. The yarn is beautiful-fiber wise, color wise, and price wise. To quote from the label on this yarn. " Tucked in the bucolic rolling moraines of Southern Wisconsin, you will find Joslyn's Fiber Farm. Sixty angora rabbits, four samoyed dogs, seven cats, two young children and a husband help provide the raw materials and inspiration for Joslyn's yarns. Carefully millspun and hand-dyed, Joslyn's yarns are guaranteed to provide beauty and comfort in whatever you choose to create." This pattern selection is from "Two Old Bags", two women from Rochester, MN who have many shawl patterns plus many felted bag patterns and other patterns. There is no web site for them, so check your LYS.



At 9:52 PM, Blogger QoE said...

I belonged to a 'Sock of the Month' once. For about three months. I couldn't even keep up with that one. But those shawls are beautiful. Hmmmm.


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