Monday, September 04, 2006

Critter Weekend

This weekend I've been knitting "critters". The Fiber Trends alpaca/llama was an UFO from long ago. I know I dug him out to finish the black feet, ears and tail in February and then he was felted. Since then he has sat on my laundry room cupboard waiting for nose, eyes and stuffing. I have no idea what yarn I used-when I worked on him in February I couldn't find the yarn I had used to knit him, so used some Bemidiji wool which was close in color.
The penquin was also an UFO. The pattern is from the English magazine, "Simply Knitting" February 2006, so that was when I started him. The label is gone from the yarn and I don't remember what it was. I checked at the yarn shop yesterday but they no longer carry it. It was knit with the eyelash alone on size 6 needles. This is the first thing I have knit from this magazine and there were some mistakes and incomplete instructions, so don't know if this pattern was the exception or the rule. They do not publish errata. I pick up the magazine each month at Barnes and Noble and most months there is a free gift with it. Last month was a needle case, one month was a circular needle and the last one was a copy of "Simply Crochet". I like the instructional pictures throughout the magazine, illustrating a technique used in that pattern.
The cute cat is done except to be felted, but she is waiting to be felted along with Fiber Trends squirrel I'm working on now.



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