Monday, November 19, 2012

The Fun Continues

The fun continues!
This is the first shipment from the Proverbial Yarn Club from A Verb for Keeping Warm. The pattern is by Cookie A-a departure from her sock patterns. This is an intriguing vest with a hoodie and the construction is very different. I'm not a vest person, but I might have to knit this for the fun construction.
This is the October shipment from Knitspot, by Anne Hanson. The extra is a package of gift tags.

This one was a surprise as I thought I had received all the shipments. I don't think I've been posting pictures of this club this year as I hadn't ordered the yarn option. I did order it for the next year, but not the pin.
I absolutely love this shawl from Romi's Shawl and Pin Club. The extra is Kookaburra laundry concentrate. I signed up for another year of this club, but only the pattern and yarn.
The Twisted Shawlette Club. The extra is a coffin shaped tin filled with Halloween shaped candiesI cut off the name of the shawl-it is Phantom Manor.
This is the fall shearing share from Juniper Moon Farm. This is a community supported agriculture farm, so the yields are distributed among the shareholders. I also did this for the spring shearing. The yarn is wool and I think it has some angora in it.
Knitspot for November.
This is a new club for me, although I previously belonged to their mini skein club. It is Space Cadet Interstellar Yarn Alliance and is just yarn. 
It was hard to make a choice of which of these yarns to get, so I got both of them. In the Three Irish Girls Yarnista club, you get to chose from two colorways. When I saw Sharon from TIG I mentioned I was in the club, but didn't know when or how to get out of it-not that I wanted to-and she just grinned and said "that's the point."


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At 8:27 PM, Blogger Amina said...

It is amazing how we belong to the same clubs!!!!
I just got the fiber option for a verb
I love TIG yarn too!!!
Will you renew the twisted shawlette?


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