Sunday, September 02, 2012

Current Yarn Clubs

The packages continue to come. Some clubs are expiring, some restarting, and I'm stopping some and adding some new ones. Such excitement!
Cookie A Sock and Cookie club for August. There are always 2 sock patterns and 2 cookie recipes. I'll probably renew this club.
Abstract Fiber Shawlette Club August. I'll think about renewing this one.
Goddess Knits Shawlette Club June and July. I will not renew this one. I'm not crazy about her yarn and am disappointed in her patterns. I have done some of her mystery shawls and the patterns are beautiful, but the club patterns have been pretty simple.

This is the first shipment for the Knitspot Club for August. The designer is Anne Hanson and her shawls are beautiful.
This is the last shipment for Propaganda Yarn Zombie Club and Dawn has decided not to do any more clubs. I've been happy with her yarns.
Twisted Shawlette Club for July and September. This one runs until January 2012. The September extra are gift enclosure cards.
The July extra was a package of Forget Me Not Seeds. In spite of our heat and drought I have about 6 plants growing. Will post pictures when they bloom.

Yarnista-Three Irish Girls for June. I think I'm in an "open ended" club. I'm in until I discontinue I'm assuming as I keep getting the monthly yarn choices. Will have to look up the yarn from the last couple months as I didn't take pictures.

Two clubs I belong to are pattern only options which I've decided aren't as much fun. Romi's pin and lace club, I do get the pin but no yarn so the pattern just arrives on Ravelry. Sivia Harding has a shawl club but I was too late to get the yarn option so only get the pattern. A friend gets the yarn and I'm so jealous. The pattern is pretty. This one just started. Romi's s nearly over. I will again get Romi's with the yarn option.

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