Saturday, November 17, 2012

In Remembrance

Last week my daughter, Gloria, and I attended a Knit In at the Vesterheim Museum in Decorah in memory of Ann Swanson, one of the partners in the pattern company, Two Old Bags, formerly Wool You Order. I had sort of known Ann for many years and knit several of her patterns, the one most often A Dozen Christmas Stockings. She was on the same trip I took to Norway with Arnhild Hillesland and Carol Anderson on which I formed one of my favorite memories of her. Ann was afraid of heights, but when we stopped at this wonderful overlook of the fjords and mountains, Ann stood up on the restraining wall and raised her arms in praise.
The project for the Knit In was a pillow, which was never a published pattern, but just a chart and a few notes Ann had made. We didn't know what we would be knitting until we got there. These are not mine! I actually haven't started mine as it took more concentration than I had while there.

The day went so fast! We barely got there and it was time for the stash sale. Ann's husband had donated her stash for sale. When I walked into the room, Carol Anderson handed me this yarn, "you are the only one I know who would knit with this." Of course, it came home with me and has already started being Romi's new shawl club pattern, Firebird.
This also joined my stash. The money taken in from the sale went to Vesterheim Education Fund in memory of Ann.
We were given a tour of the textile storage area of the museum which was very interesting. Lunch was on our own, so of course I had to take Gloria there as she had heard so much about the meatballs and rumagrot (I have no idea how it is spelled)which is a Norwegian dessert which resembles creme brule.



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