Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NW Burbs Weekend Retreat

Last weekend I had a "BIG" birthday and celebrated it with 10 knitters in a retreat home across the river from Red Wing, MN. What could be better!

We had lots of food! This is just the appetizers on the first evening.

We visited the Riverside Suri Alpaca farm in Lake City. I had been there with the MN Knitters' Days and arranged for us to visit. I wasn't going to take many pictures, but the alpacas are so cute! Sara was the friendliest.

 Eleanor was very entertaining-and Sara very patient.

Alpacas teeth grow and have to be trimmed usually once a year, but this one grows faster.

Dana, the owner, was very gracious-even decorated for my birthday. (Wonder who told her?)

I didn't take any pictures of us knitting-I was too busy knitting. Nor did I take any pictures of any more meals-I was too busy eating. We did have some excitement as about midnight the ceiling fan sent out sparks and smelled hot, so had a visit from 3 fire trucks and the county sheriff. I was in bed, not sleeping, so could hear all the giggling and talking. Obviously nothing was harmed except the fan.

Birthday celebration with my daughter, Gloria.



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