Monday, October 24, 2011

Three Lace Cardigan

The Three Lace Cardigan is from a pattern book published by Juniper Moon Fiber Farm. It is a new brand of yarn which is just lovely-comes in 3 weights: Lace, Aran, and Bulky. I've knit with both the lace and aran and like both of them. The pattern is another story. It is full of mistakes, so it took some time to make the sweater. Watch my Ravelry page for errata as the last time I checked Juniper Moon Fiber Farm's websit, the errata is wrong! I will be teaching this as a class after the Holidays, so can help with the pattern problems.

Yarn: Juniper Moon Farm Findley-used only 2 balls as it has such great yardage.
Needle: Size 4

This is one time when I actually washed and blocked my gauge swatch.

I wish I had remembered to take a picture before I blocked the sweater. It was quite fun to pull it out of my knitting bag and tell people it was for me. It looked about the size to fit a 5 year old. I blocked it before I picked up the stitches for edgings and sewing sleeves in.

It turned out beautifully. It will be a perfect top for summer.

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At 9:38 PM, Blogger woolyjooly said...

Just scrumptious, Yvonne!


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