Saturday, January 02, 2010

Kitchner Ribbing-New Twist on the Block

Reversible Cable Mobius. Today, with temperatures never reaching 0 degrees was a good day to wear my new mobius. It was perfect to keep me warm and cover my nose and mouth when outside.
Pattern: New Twist on the Block by StevenBe from Yarn Garage in Minneapolis. A fun, quick knit and good pattern to learn reversible cables.
Yarn: Malabrigio Merino and Silk
Needles: Size 9. I tried the square needles which I really liked, except they were metal which is not my favorite material for knitting needles. These were almost like rubbing fingernails down a blackboard to me.
When it came time to kitchner the two ends together, I wasn't sure how to do it as it is K1P1 ribbing which makes the material look 2 sided. Just kitchnering it would make it a wide seam. The sources I found were basically for tubular bind off.
So, I put the stitches for both the beginning (which I had provisionally cast on) and the end on 2 needles each-the knit stitches on one needle and the purl stitches on another.

I aligned the 2 needles with the knit stitches together and kitchnered them together...turned it over which made the purl stitches now knit stitches and kitchnered them together.

It worked beautifully!

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