Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Year

This is our present for the year! Our Great Grand Daughter, Rylea, with her mother, Kristin. I hope everyone had a happy holiday and is looking forward to a new year. Did the Christmas knitting get finished? My knitting did-but not the finishing.

This is my grandson, Blake in his Wonderful Wallaby. He had asked for a rainbow sweater some time ago, so finally received it. (Wonder if he even remembered asking?)
Pattern: Wonderful Wallaby by Cottage Creations
Yarn: Mochi Plus by Crystal Palace
Needles: Sizes 6 and 8
And the book-appropriate???

This is my daughter, Gloria, in her Babies and Bears for Adults. Several years ago, she bought the yarn in a kit at Arnhild's Knitting Camp, but never got to making it. (She is a new knitter and underestimates her knitting skills.) The kit was for a pattern similar to the one I used, but was made in pieces, so I substituted, of course.
Pattern: Babies and Bears for Adults by Cottage Creations. I used different yarn and gauge so used a formula given to me by Carol Anderson who had heard it from the late Sidna Farley.

Divide your gauge by the pattern gauge (my gauge was 5 sts/in, pattern gauge was 4 st/in. 5 divided by 4 = 1.25) Multiply the numbers in the pattern (Cast on, increases, rows, etc) by that number to give the number to use. (For example: Pattern said to cast on 42 sts. 42 X 1.25 = 52.5, so I cast on 52 sts.) This formula seemed to work.

Yarn: Rauma Strikkegarn
Needles: Size 5 and 3

This is my son, Tim, in his knit, but not finished, sweater. Yes, it really is a sweater, but he had some fun with it! I used the Estonian Cast On which I have really liked lately. I will not be doing all the duplicate stitching on the center designs!

Pattern: Winter Play by Rauma

Yarn: Rauma Strikkegarn

Needles: size 2 and 3

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