Monday, December 14, 2009

Will I make it?

This is the last of the Christmas knitting, except to sew in some ends in the sweater for my daughter. I still have a whole sleeve to make for this sweater, plus lots of duplicate stitching and finishing (sewing, cutting, stitching) so I have my doubts it will be complete on Christmas Eve. My hands are aching-in more ways than one to do some other knitting. Plus, they are sore. Each stitch on this sweater has been a struggle, so I have aching hands. I just heard Kelly Petkin from Knitpicks talk about different knitting needles to work with different yarns. I am a die hard wooden needle (Knitpicks harmony or rosewood) user, but she said if the stitches don't glide on the needle it is the wrong needle, so I should reconsider my bias and sometimes use an Addi or similar needle. Probably should have for this project, but I can't change now as I'm sure my gauge will change. Lesson learned and maybe old habits can die.

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