Monday, December 07, 2009

Woolgirl Gingerbread Man Sock Kit

A friend introduced me to Woolgirl Sock Club. It is too late to get into the club for this year, but I'm going to try hard to get into next year's club, or maybe her lace club. I was lucky enough to get the gingerbread man sock kit and it was like Christmas when it arrived. I saw that the kit was expensive when I ordered it, but it didn't register-I just wanted one of her kits. Now I know why the price is what it was and it's worth every penny. I hesitate to show this, because I don't want more competition to order her kits! This is the contents, but the picture doesn't show how attractively it was wrapped.

The hand dyed sock yarn is luscious and has a pattern for a fun sock with the pattern extending down through the heel.
A Gingerbread Man sock knitting accessory bag.
2 stitch markers
A Gingerbread spiral notepad
A set of holiday note cards
A pen
A pencil
A Gingerbread eraser
A Gingerbread soap
A Gingerbread lip balm
A set of Gingerbread Man gift tags
A Gingerbread Man cookie cutter plus a Gingerbread Man recipe
A Gingerbread Man ornament
And, a real Gingerbread cookie!


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