Saturday, May 22, 2010

Quilt Rack

I hate antique stores-maybe because so many things there are identical to things in my own kitchen. My husband collects old sheet music, so he likes them. When we went to New Ulm last week we struck an agreement-he could go into an antique store if there was either a yarn shop or coffee shop close by. The first one had a yarn shop!! The second one had neither, but I was generous and let him go in as it didn't look too promising. The third one had a coffee shop. The fourth one had neither but I still had my cup of coffee from the third one. So I sat in the car facing two outhouses, read my book and drank my coffee. When I figured it was about time for him to be done I started looking in the sheds-from the car- and saw this quilt stand. I sat there thinking about it as I had thought of getting one to hang my lace shawls on. So I told myself if it was under $20 I would get it, thinking that was very unrealistic. I got out of the car and went to look and it was only $18.50. I met my husband coming out the door and bragged that I bought something without even going inside!



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