Monday, April 19, 2010

Yarnover 2010

This is the 24th year the MN Knitters' Guild has sponsored their Yarnover. The first year we struggled to get 100 people to attend. This year there were close to 600 people at the keynote speech. The teachers were outstanding this year-famous teachers, authors, and designers of knitting from all over the US and Canada. Everyone who registered for classes received this wonderful Nantucket bag.

About 64 door prizes were given out and I got one! It's been many years since I've gotten one.

Many people attend just for the market. This is about 1/3 of the market this year.

I pretty much restrained myself. I bought no yarn, but did get these, plus some patterns. The little doll was just too cute. They were out of the patterns to knit clothes, but I was able to purchase it online, only to discover everything is knit with crochet cotton-I'll see what I can do with that some day. The purpose is to knit clothes for the doll, then give it to a charity. The bowl is made by Jenny the Potter- I just love her things and this is the 4th thing I have of hers. The mug I just had to have. It says, "If I knit fast enough does it count as exercise?"

Steven B/Yarn Garage gave everyone cards which could be exchanged for the fancy yarn to knit a hat for charity. Lion Brand donated the Jiffy yarn, needles and a pattern for a hat everyone received when evaluations were turned in.

Most attendees take classes in the morning and afternoon. I took Lily Chin's morning class on Tips and Tricks. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. I learned a lot and her presentation is so entertaining it is easy to remember.

Not only are the teachers willing to pose for pictures, they sign their books. (Someday I will figure out how to rotate the pictures the right way when Blogger rotates them during download.)
And of course some time is spent knitting with friends. I didn't take my afternoon class so I could browse the market and visit. It makes me realize how many friends I have made through knitting!

Not only do the teachers teach at Yarnover, but many of them come early and stay later to teach at the LYS. On Sunday, Cat Bordhi taught at Amazing Threads. This was another amazing class-again I learned a lot even though I didn't finish the project. She taught her Personal Footprint Sock class.

And autographed her book and posed for pictures.

This picture had to be taken to settle a dispute in Ravelry's Group, NW 'Burbs Night Out as to who is Cat Bordhi's Best Friend Forever.

What could have been a better weekend?!?! And it extends over til tomorrow at the MN Knitters' Guild meeting. Probably more about that later.



At 7:39 PM, Blogger twinsetellen said...

It was so great, wasn't it? I sure learned a lot of new tricks. I'm sorry I didn't spot you in the crowd, though.

At 10:55 PM, Blogger Christine P. said...

I just love being one of Cat's BFFs!


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