Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ez's Green Sweater

When I heard the history of this sweater, I just had to make it! I have always been a fan of Elizabeth Zimmermann. She made this sweater for her god daughter over 50 years ago and never made any notes about the construction. The sweater was worn by both the god daughter and her daughters for all these years and was pretty worn out, so she wanted it repaired. It was beyond repair but Sunday Holm heard about it and decided to duplicate it, which she did and wrote out the pattern. The story of the reconstruction can be found at www.twistcollective.com and the pattern is available at www.schoolhousepress.com

Oops! This is the sweater body upside down. It is started at the bottom hem-which is at the top of the picture. There are 4 steeks-2 for the sleeves and 2 for the front, one to the neckline and one for the upper neckline. The white running stitches are the steeks, ready to be stitched and cut. Phoney seams at the underarms.
The bottom hem, turning ridge and shaping for the mitered facing.
This is my Olympic challenge. (Choose a project which is a challenge, but do-able to be completed during the Winter Olympics.)I cast on at the opening ceremony and hope to finish the knitting portion of the sweater at the closing ceremony. I didn't set my goal to finish the sweater because I thought the steeks would be done at the end and I won't be home, near a sewing machine for the last 3 days of the Olympics.

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