Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Arnhild's Knitting Retreat

The last full weekend of February every year, Arnhild Hillesland has a knitting retreat at the Gateway Hotel in Ames, Iowa. It's a wonderful weekend and we've made it a family affair. Annemor Sundbo was the guest teacher and keynote speaker. She was great! Classes are interesting, food is great, and the socialization outstanding. This year there were 70 people there.

My niece, Wanda, my daughter, Gloria, Me, my sister, Sandy, Annemor, my adopted daughter, Pam and my daughter in law, Bea. Missing is my daughter, Margaret who had to cancel at the last minute because her son was in the hospital.

Because it was the last weekend of the Olympics, this display was set up in the dining room and gold medals were given out at the last lunch.

Here we are with Susan and Ruth, who joined us to form a noisy, giggly group everyone wanted to be with to see what was going on.

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