Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Babies and Bears Sweater for Adults

This is the sweater I started when I was in Door County. My daughter, Gloria, bought a kit for a similar sweater at Arnhild's Knitting Camp in Ames, Iowa, but decided she would never make it. So, Mom got it. (That's OK-she'll have to clean out my stash when I die!) The Babies and Bears Sweater for Adults is very similar to the pattern in the kit, and one I would rather knit, so I told her that this would be her Christmas present. The problem was, the yarn in the kit has a different gauge. Carol Anderson, the designer, was in Door County, so she gave me a formula for changing gauges which she had gotten from the late Sidna Farley, which I'm using for the sweater. And it seems to be working-I'll post the formula when I get done. Here is Gloria modeling the left half. This is such a fun knit-knit from the sleeve to center, put on holders, knit the right side, graft the backs together and put an edging on.

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