Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Treasures from Storage

Today's page on Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Never Not Knitting daily calendar is kind of fitting for this post. "When you depart this Earth for the big yarn shop in the sky, you will leave behind all of the things you knit. Think about that. Generations of your family and friends will hold, use, and show these items, and every single time they do, a small part of who you were and what you did while you were here will rush up and be made real again. You aren't just knitting. You're creating a legacy. It just looks like a hat."

Before the shower for my grand daughter, my son and daughter in law went into their storage and pulled out several of the things I had made for their children. They wrapped them up and gave them to Kristin for her shower. Many of the things I do not remember patterns or yarns, so will mention those I do know and if I think of others or find patterns, I will edit this post to add the information. Sorry, Blogger again rotated several of the pictures. If someone knows how to straighten them out, let me know!

Pattern: Cottage Creation's Toddler's Norski Sweater & Cap.
Yarn: Dale Baby Uhl

Pattern: Cottage Creation's Babies and Bears.

Yarn: Lorna's Lace

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