Sunday, June 07, 2009

What I've Been Doing

My knitting has been baby knitting, but since my grand daughter reads my blog (Can you believe that?) and wants to be surprised the knitting pictures will be delayed until after her baby, Rylea Beth, is born or after the shower.

The pictures are in the reverse order from what I wanted and Blogger isn't very cooperative about allowing me to rearrange them today, I'll reverse my thinking.

Last week I was in Door County knitting with friends I met probably about 20 years ago. What fun!! We stayed in a condo in Sister Bay and knit, talked, laughed, ate and did leave for some shopping. (More about that in another post.) What does it say about me that I took no people pictures-just flowers and a beautiful sunset?

The night before I left for Door County, my grandson graduated from Spring Lake HS. It was a beautiful evening although chilly so the ceremony was able to be held outside.

Hubby and me with the graduate. Congratulations, Billy!

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