Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Oh My! Baby Sweater

I'm struggling with the Vivian Hoxbrow Rainbow Jacket and have no progress to report. What I had done, I took out today. It is taking so long and is so tedious and hard on my eyes I probably would be better taking the whole thing out. As relief, I'm working on the Ann Norling Kid's Basic-Bottom Up Raglan. It's a wonderful pattern as it is written for 4 gauges in sizes 6 months-4 years. You do a gauge swatch using a yarn that gets close to those gauges and use the pattern appropriate for the gauge you get. No need to repeat the swatch with different needles if the gauge isn't what the pattern calls for. The picture is of the sweater at the point of just adding the sleeves. The yoke is made on all the stitches with raglan decreases and no seams. Knit the neckband, pick up stitches for the front bands and rib the bands. When that is done, sew the small seams at the underarms, sew in the ends and sew on the buttons. This yarn is such a delight to work with as it is so soft that's why it's "Oh My!" . It doesn't show stitch definition well, so a plain pattern works best. I did have trouble with "ladders" at the corners when using double point needles, something I usually don't have.



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