Sunday, July 29, 2012

Knitting Olympics Number One

Several years ago Stephanie Pearl McPhee started the knitting Olympics. The idea was to choose a knitting project which was a challenge, but one that could be completed from the Olympic Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony. When Ravelry came along, the Olympics became a big thing, having the Ravelympics with teams and events. This year the American Olympic Committee told Ravelry that we were infringing on the copyrighted name and downplaying the training and work the athletes had to go through to get to and compete in the Olympics. They eventually did apologize, but Ravelry changed the name to Ravelenics. To me they will always be the Ravelmpics, but I will break down and call it the Knitting Olympics.

One of the women in my Culver's KnitWits suggested we have an Olympic team and knit mittens for charity. I had so many things on my plate already but since I am the leader of the group and I have been slack with my charity knitting I set a goal to knit as many mittens as I can during the Olympics. After watching the opening ceremony with knitting needles flying I decided this was a good project as I can just about make mittens blindfolded so I can really watch the events.

First pair completed-the ends are even sewn in.

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