Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The mailman keeps bringing me little packages filled with yarn. I love it! Here are my latest additions.

Abstract Fiber June

Cookie A Sock and Cookie Club June . One of the recipes is for an anise refrigerator cookie, dipped in chocolate which I'm dying to make, but my husband won't touch anise so it's too much for me. Will have to invite the family over to test the cookies.

Goddess Knits Shawlette Club May

This one I bought. It is 100% rayon. Should make a nice shawl some day. (I always look at yarn in terms of shawls.)

Propaganda Zombie Club June

Soctopus, Knit-Love Club May

Three Irish Girls McClellan Fingering. This one I bought because it is a limited edition colorway, You Are My Sunshine, 20% of the sales price went to helping families who have lost a baby.

Twisted Shawlette Club May. The extra is a canister of  cranberry orange tea.

Yarnista April. The extra is a mini skein of Adorn Sock Yarn.

Yarnista May. The extra was a Three Irish Girls folder for patterns which I forgot to include in the picture. I also did not include the pattern picture because I ordered 2 more skeins of this yarn to test knit a shawl. Her shawl is an Awareness Shawl and she knit hers in pink for breast cancer. Since my husband was recently diagnosed with leukemia, mine will be orange, the color for leukemia. I hadn't realized there is a different color for each type of cancer.

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At 7:18 PM, Blogger norabrown said...

Beautiful yarns.

Sorry to hear about your husband. Yes, a different color for all the cancers and for many other diseases. Praying for healing.

My dad has Alzheimers and there is a purple ribbon for that.

My mother-in-law had ovarian cancer the there is a teal ribbon for that.

Knit on!

At 7:39 AM, Blogger Christine P. said...

Yikes! How come I haven't received my Socktopus? When did you get yours? And where's my Orange Cranberry tea?


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