Sunday, September 04, 2011

Club Shipments

More surprises! This is the September shipment from Socks are for Suckers. A pretty shawl pattern and I like Hazel Knits yarn. This club uses patterns and yarns from the Pacific Northwest. The little folder will be real handy.

I never know if this is August or September shipment from Three Irish Girls Yarnista Club. Even though we get a choice of 2 colorways, it is still a surprise when it arrives. The "extra" candy is pretty good, too.

Another special shipment from WoolGirl called Margarita. Cute sock pattern, lovely yarn which is new to me. That's what makes clubs so interesting-trying new yarns. Or in my case, adding them to my stash! The yarn is dashing Dachs The extra goodies which don't show up too well in the picture: flip flop note pad, margarita glass charm and stitch marker, margarita mix with rimming sugar, drink umbrella, cocktail mix jelly beans, strawberry tape measure and pin cushion.

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