Monday, March 02, 2009

Arnhild's Knitting Camp

Again, a fun weekend in Ames, Iowa for Arnhild's Knitting Camp. I'm sorry, I was terrible taking pictures. Elsebeth Lavold was the guest, teaching Viking knitting. I thoroughly enjoyed her class and learning how to add cables going in many directions from photographs. Very liberating. Here is my class project, the top design from the diagram on the right.Arnhild always has a door prize for everybody. Here is mine.

Of course shopping is available. Denise's Needle Works is the retail shop for the Norwegian yarns Arnhild imports. Arnhild does the wholesale. My daughter in law convinced me to make a sweater for my son-it will be perfect for him hanging out in hockey rinks while his children play hockey. Hopefully it will be a Christmas present!

Hanging out in the evening. Some of us (my daughter in law, Bea) continued to knit...

And the rest of us relaxed! (my daughter, Gloria)

Being with my daughter, daughter in law and sister all weekend made the time such fun. Gloria had met Pam at camp a couple years ago and the two of them really enjoyed each other. We had such fun at our table people were anxious to join us to see what was going on.

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