Thursday, May 21, 2009

Egypt Pictures

Sorry I have not been a very good blogger since my return-no excuses. This picture is very knitting related! It is an island in the Nile River, named Kitchner island. Yes, there was a person-man actually-named Kitchner. He was an army man who helped the Egyptians fight the Sudanese. Because the soldiers were getting blisters from the seams in the seams of their socks, he developed the Kitchner stitch. This is his island which he has developed with plants from all over the world-a beautiful place even from the river which is as close as we got.

Before we left, many people asked if we weren't worried about going to this part of the world. At that point my answer was that I trusted the company we travel with and they wouldn't take us some place that wasn't safe. When we got there I don't know if we felt safe or threatened as security was so good as you can see by the gun in the back pocket of this guard.

We saw so many temples we got bored with them, so I'm only putting one picture of a temple on my blog. This is Luxor Temple. It is overwhelming to see all this ancient wonders!

The pyramids are much larger than a person imagines. We are standing by the stones at the base of the pyramids and that is the size of all of them.

The Sphinx

One of the things on my "bucket list" was to take a hot air balloon ride, so got the opportunity to take one over Egypt. What could be better!



At 4:05 PM, Blogger twinsetellen said...

Great photos and thanks for the insight on the size of the pyramid stones. And I totally understand about the temples - I remember when we were getting toward the end of a museum-intense Europe trip that we would catch ourselves yawning at yet one more masterpiece.


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