Saturday, November 22, 2008

What I've Been Doing

Last weekend was Amazing Threads weekend retreat at Grand View Lodge in Nissua, MN. What a wonderful weekend! Accommodations were wonderful-5 of us stayed in a 4 bedroom cabin with 3 bathrooms, kitchen and living room with wood burning fireplace. All the meals were in the lodge and were white napkin fancy with good and lots of food. Plus we had food set out for us between meals. Oh! Yes, there was knitting. The camp project was a Panel Jacket, but I didn't work on that. I plugged away on my daughter in law's Winter Wonderland coat and started this new shawl.
It is a traditional Danish Tie-Shawl with long tails that cross the chest and tie behind your back. When we were in Door County and visited Nora Ahlen's farm she had one made up which had such wonderful feel. Since I'm always cold, I wanted one to cuddle up in all winter. The brown yarn is merino from her sheep and the white is mohair from her goat which she spun. At this point I feel like I might run out of the mohair, so put in 4 rows of the plain brown and will add more random rows as I get further along. Actually, I frogged everything I did at the retreat and started over on larger needles.I've been plugging away at these socks for awhile. I started them to teach a class on 2 socks on 2 circulars so I cast on on the circulars for the first class. After the class I took them off and worked to the heel flap on dpn's, returned them to the circulars for the 2nd class. After that class I again took one off the circulars, frogged the heel flap and continued with the Strong heel on dpn's. Now they are just my "carry around project" so I don't knit much on them. Every little bit counts-someday they'll be done.And since the last posting I had a birthday-received this sock yarn from a dear friend.

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