Thursday, October 16, 2008

EZ Shetland Shawl

Finished! A lot of plain garter stitch but the finished product is so soft and drapes so nicely.
Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmermann's Shetland Shawl. Start the center square by casting on 2 stitches, increase every row to desired width, then decrease every row back to 1 stitch. I did the increases with a YO at the beginning of every row and then continued by YO followed by 2, K2 tog on the decrease rows. Then each side is picked up and trapizoids are made and the edging applied.
Yarn: Alpaca and Silk
Needles: I think I used a size 6 and 7 needle for this. I used Knit Picks Harmony interchangeable needles (which I really, really love) and when I was checking the size to get a DPN for the edging it checked as a 7. The needles just didn't feel right after a good share of the border was done and discovered I was using one size 6 and one size 7. You'd never know.

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