Saturday, November 01, 2008

Trust Me Tour

Last week my Travel Friend and Four other Red Hatters took a 2 night, 3 day Trust Me Tour. What fun! We had no idea where we were going-the only information was to wear walking shoes, not hiking boots and wear fall clothes, no formal wear. We boarded the bus and eagerly watched as we headed east. Guesses ranged from Milwaukee, Chicago, to Wausau. After lunch in Tomah we left the freeways and headed straight east-Milwaukee was our guess but then we turned and headed for Stevens Point. What's there???? We didn't get that far, but stopped at the Hancock Agricultural Research Station where we toured the potato storage facility. There we heard about the research for winter storage of potatoes and which temperatures produce the best results for making French fries and potato chips. It was really interesting. Back on the bus we continued on and ended up in Oshkosh, WI. After spending the night there we ventured out and ended up in Kohler, WI. There we toured the Kohler Design Center, seeing this wall of china.
In the museum you could learn the history of the Kohler Corporation and upstairs we marveled at the tub, shower and toilet designs.For lunch we dined at the American Club which is the only AAA rated 5 star hotel in North America.It was elegant, with delicious food and decadent chocolate cake. A bus tour of the village of Kohler and a tour of the replica of the family home in Austria completed the day. The last day we toured the Flight Museum in Oshkosh and then what I thought was the most interesting part of the trip-a visit to a robotic milking farm. Yes, the cows are milked automatically. When they feel full, the cows are trained to go into the milking stall where the machine scrubs them off, attached itself and milks the cow. She then returns to the barn and the next one walks in.



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