Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Taos Pinwheel Sweater

The construction of this sweater is what intriqued me! It has a pinwheel in the front and back and then using short rows, the sweater pieces are made. The pattern is a free one from Crystal Palace, www.straw.com but at this time comes in only a 34" or 39" chest measurement. Only in my wildest dream will I fit in a 39" but I just wanted to make it! The pattern says more sizes are being worked on. The yarn, Taos, by Crystal Palace is a wonderfully soft 100% wool in beautiful color gradations. The picture just doesn't do the colors justice. I'm knitting it on a size 8 needle at a gauge of 18 sts/4in.



At 1:23 AM, Blogger Crystal Palace Yarns said...


The Pinwheel in drop shoulder version is almost done. The designer had a disaster as she was moving a week ago and LOST the front and back pinwheels along with some other knitting projects. So, dear thing that she is, she is re-knitting the front and back as fast as she can. She says the pattern is written - so if you get your two pinwheels done, just hang on and you'll learn what to do next for the larger sizes and easier shoulders!

Susan from CPY


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