Friday, September 22, 2006

Mother's Bedspread

Yes, it is crocheted. For years while I was growing up, Mother was crocheting this bedspread. Like most of us, she even carried it with her in her purse and worked on it when she had a spare moment. It was a great moment when it was finished and put on her bed! But, the longer she used it, the bigger it got. It no longer fit on her regular size bed. Lucky me, I had a queen size bed, so it was bestowed on me-my poor sister had a king size and this hadn't grown that big. I used it for a while on my bed, but then I downsized to a regular size bed, so tucked it away in the cedar chest. A couple weeks ago I again went to a queen size bed and remembered the bedspread.

It looks beautiful on my bed!

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