Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Worth Waiting For!

Romi's Shawl and Pin club shipment was shipped from California the week of January 17. Starting that day I watched my mailbox everyday waiting for it to arrive even before it was possible for it to come. I watched and I watched and I watched. I could see on Ravelry where kits were arriving on the East coast. Surely mine would be here the next day. No. The kits were received on the West coast. Still nothing in my mailbox. Then the mid west started receiving theres. Not me. At this point Romi checked to be sure it went out-it had. The day people in Australia received their's I was sure mine would come. Then people in Canada received their's. I even went to the post office and had them check the mail being held in our area in case it was sitting in someone's box. No, they couldn't find it. Romi sent me a new package and it arrived yesterday!
Romi's designs and jewelry are beautiful. www.designsbyRomi.com

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