Sunday, January 16, 2011

Knitters Brewing Company Mystery Sock

I love mystery socks and shawls. Wish I had time to do more of them, but I did decide to do this one. This is Clue 1-now I have to wait until Friday to get Clue 2. Pattern is called Family Jewels and if you ordered the yarn from you got the yarn, clue 1, a fancy stitch marker and 2 beads to fit in some where. I'll try to remember to put the stitch marker in the picture for Clue 2. I was anxiously waiting for January 14 for the first clue to be released when the day before I saw on Ravelry that it had come with the yarn I ordered a couple months ago, so had it all along. Oh well, I would have had longer to wait for Clue 2.

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