Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Walk Through the Woods Kerchief

I was at this point and had just about decided to frog, but when I laid it out like this I thought I'd knit one more repeat of the border before making my final decision. I just wasn't sure I liked the pattern. Maybe because it wasn't my usual lacy shawl pattern.
I did one more repeat and liked it much better, so did finish it. In fact, I've worn it once and received several compliments on it.
Pattern: Walk Through the Woods Kerchief by The Sexy Knitter.
Yarn: 100% super wash merino dyed by Lorajean of Knitted Wit colorway Two Roads.
Pattern, Yarn and Button were from Wool Girl Sock Club.
Button from Wooden Treasures.

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At 8:30 PM, Blogger BettyB said...

so cool! I love it!


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