Friday, January 16, 2009

Gothic Window Pink Sweater

Last night I read on Ravelry that the bohus sweater kits had arrived at the American Swedish Institute. January 23, 24, and 25th are the opening days of the Bohus Exhibit which will run until March 29, 2009. Information is available on their website: .
I'm signed up for all the activities on Saturday, the 24th plus am taking 6 hour workshop on Monday by Susanna Hansson.
Even though I'll be at the Institute next week, I was anxious to get my grubby hands on a sweater kit before they were picked over. Today I had the luxury of being the only person looking at them, so I was able to look, ponder, make up my mind, change my mind, ponder again, and finally make up my mind. This is the kit I chose: Gothic Window Pink. I think I'll make the pullover to keep more patterning in the front. I haven't even wound the yarn yet and I'm thinking how I'm going to change how I'll work it. (Do you see a pattern here?) The yoke is worked in the round and then the body and sleeves back and forth, so I think I'm going to work it all in the round. I was considering starting at the bottom instead of at the top the way the pattern is written, to do the boring stockinette stitch first and have the patterning to look forward to, but I think I will at least do that as written.Excuse the grainy picture-I took it from the ASI website.

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