Monday, December 29, 2008

Winter Wonderland Coat

The holidays have been busy, and I'm sorry I haven't posted much. I promise to improve! We had a wonderful Christmas, celebrating for over a week. For the first time ever, I decided to have an open house for my cousins I never see except for "big" occasions, like weddings or funerals. Since no weddings are in the future, the next time we'd likely get together would be a funeral. Since my husband and I are the oldest in our families, it's likely to be our funeral, and I don't want to see m cousins from a casket. I overdid myself in making lots of cookies and candies even though I'd said I would cut down. The weather didn't cooperate-a big snowstorm on that day, but my cousins did come. It was fun to see them. Our next celebration was with my sister and our families. Everyone was there except my son and his family as they were in Green Bay with her family. This year we decided not to give gifts, so had a wonderful time visiting-and eating! Christmas Day we were at one of our daughter's homes with all 4 of their children. My other daughter was there too, but not her boys who were with their father for Christmas. Again we ate, and spent the afternoon playing Apples to Apples. Our Christmas with our son his family and daughter and her boys was Sunday.
The only knit items I gave this year was the baby sweater I posted previously to our grand daughter who is expecting our first great grand child. She was so surprised I had made something so fast-we only learned about the baby after Thanksgiving. It was her first thing for the baby so that was exciting for her.
The other item is the Winter Wonderland Coat for my daughter in law. She was so happy with it-I think I detected tears when she opened it.

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