Monday, October 06, 2008


The last few weeks I've been overwhelmed with my knitting projects! Besides the projects I've had to do for Amazing Threads, I'm addicted to Mystery Shawls/Stoles. My knitting style is a process knitter-I'm all for seeing what this yarn/pattern will look like and once I see enough I'm on to something else. All of my present projects are big ones, so it doesn't look like I'm accomplishing anything. None of this stops me from buying more yarn and starting more projects. These are my recent yarn purchases, some with planned projects I'm itching to start and others for my stash.Valley Yarns 2/14 Alpaca Silk Laceweight purchased from Webs. This will be a shawl someday.
Creamy by Kollage Yarns. 80% Milk (Yes, milk) 20% cotton. I just had to get some. 3 Kittens had the Frosty Peaks Shawl made from it and it was so soft and had such a nice drape.
Last week I was in Door County and visited Nora Ahlen's farm. She raises sheep, trains herding dogs, spins and dyes her own fibers. She had a Danish Tie Shawl made from her sport weight wool with a strand of her angora. It was so soft and cuddly and since I'm always cold this should keep me warm. I'm really itching to start this and I do need a "no think" project as I don't have many "company" projects on needles right now.
All Raveled Up Sock Club Yarn-Yarrnn! This will go in my stash. I'm not real crazy about the dark colors as I'm on a fancy stitch sock kick and this won't work up that well.

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